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It’s not new, but it’s never too late for tinhatting.

This interview is interesting because for 6 of the 7 minutes Chris and Zach are the serious and sincere versions of themselves. You know- thoughtful expressions, large vocabularies and well reasoned answers.

And then the interviewer asks about the ‘Spork Handshake’ (starts at 5:40) and the goofy smiles and the looks exchanged and the licking of the lips commences! Seriously. Just watch it now and then come back for this next part:

So let’s break this down, shall we?

  • Chris seemed surprised the interviewer knew about this ‘Spork handshake’ thing, so it seems that this was the first mention of it.
  • So when the interviewer said they had an inside source, this is likely true and not just a question repeated from other interviews
  • Interviewer doesn’t ask for a simple demonstration. No, they ask 'if' there is a PG rated version. *IF*
  • So this interviewer, who has inside information, knows that there is a higher than PG version of this 'elaborate five hand high five system.'
  • Wait- five hand? They only have four hands between them. Does this mean one of the hands is actually a penis?
  • Zach is very quick to shut this down.
  • While Chris talks about things exploding.

Conclusion: they totally had sex. 

Look up tinhatting in the dictionary and it’s all of us.

A “unifying” thing, you say. Yes.

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